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Welcome to the The Jam Frequency Radio Show:

* A Fun and Informative Artist/Musician interview show with host John De Maria. On air personality and Station Manager at KRHV 93.3 FM in the Eastern Sierra. KRHV is "Music for Music Appreciators"... 

* Get to know the stories of New Artists and Bands as well as Living Legends. 


* Discover the inspiration and creative process that make the artists unique.

* Explore the music of the vibrant and global jam band music scene (and well beyond the genre).


The Jam Frequency radio show IS... Great MUSIC and Cool CONVERSATION... Joy-N us! 

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Hi Jam Freq Friends,

It was a Fun Artist Series with the artist's/band's that played at this year's June Lake Jam Fest. Good Stories and  Good Music... The 2022 Jam Fest was magical to say the least. It will be at capacity next year so keep it on your radar early.

More interviews are in session and we will begin airing them very soon. 

Rediscover or Discover some of the Artist interviews from the links provided here or on your favorite podcast platform.

Lastly, Thanks for tuning into KRHV. Our Online Listenership is Growing.  We appreciate you for being a fellow music appreciator and for sharing your passion with others. 



JAM FREQ AIRS LIVE on KRHV FM 93.3 FM in the Eastern Sierra PST and Streams Live 

Wednesday's 7:00PM

Sunday's  Noon

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MHS Music JFR 23.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Mammoth High School Jazz Band 

MUSD Director of Music, Mike Hammers. How the passionate and extremely dedicated director took a music program in "shambles" (5 kids) to a growing, thriving and inspired program. 


Get to know "Hammer's"... Candid and profound, fun and informative. The kids' excitement for the June Lake Jam Fest and of course performances of The High School Jazz Band... Could there be more? 

Genre: Jazz, Swing, Latin, Improv


EP 22 - Janet's Picks JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


Janet Hunt: "Put-er On-er"of the June Lake Jam Fest picks some of her favorite songs from the artist's playing at this year's Jam Fest 2022. Could have been a 3 hour program with so many tasty songs...

Super fun and interesting conversation about all things Jam Fest 2022...

Genre: Janet's Picks: June Lake Jam Fest 2022 Artists


EP 21 - Moonalice JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


MOONALICE:  Lester Chambers (Vocals, Harmonica) founder, lead singer and songwriter of The Chambers Brothers, writer of "Time Has Come Today" and leader in the "Psychedelic Soul" movement. Stories, songwriting and Advice from a legend. Favorite animal ? 

Charismatic Vocalist, Dylan Chambers (Vocals, Cowbell).  What it's like being the son of a famous person, influences, Moonalice, hair, cowbell and more! Stories, Songwriting and Advice from a legend and his son. Featuring NEW Singles and the Upcoming album release "Full Moonalice Vol. 2". 

Genre: Psychedelic Soul

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Saturday Sept 10th 6 - 7:30 PM

TTE EP 18 JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Tenacious T & the Eaze

Tenacious T & the Eaze: Tanya Ellis (Vocalist) shares the exciting lineup of the band, June Lake Jam Fest premiere, songwriting, and the tenacity to perform at the highest level.  

Genre: Blues, Soul and Rock 'N' Roll with a Dose of Jam Band Magic

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Friday Sept 9th 12 - 1:30 PM

EP 19 - JFR DWC (1).jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Dead Winter Carpenters

DWC: Jesse Dunn (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Jenni Charles (fiddle, vocals)


Catching up and diving deep into the DWC Story with the Talented Jesse and Jenni of the Dead Winter Carpenters.

Cool Conversation! Influences, Songwriting, Teaching, Soloing Philosophy, Touring, Family. . . Must have Road trip song/album choices and More!

Genre: Alt-Country, Americana, Progressive Bluegrass, Roots Rock and Folk.

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Sunday Sept 11th, 2022  6 - 8 PM

EP 18 - SPOT JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Scott Pemberton O Theory

SPOT: Scott Pemberton (Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter)


Scott let's us in to the inner workings of his unique and creative approach to playing, songwriting, influences, musical perspectives and living...

Scott Pemberton’s sound is much like the vibe of his native Portland:  freaky, fun and just the right amount of weird.

 Genre: “Timber Rock”. The deep jazz, NW rock/grunge, blues roots and the west coast funk. 

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Sunday Sept 11th, 2022  2 - 3:30 PM

Ep 17 JFR - The Storytellers.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

The  Storytellers

The Storytellers: Lance Frantzich Vocals/Bass, Scott Diehl (Vocals/Guitars), Tyler Emerson (Fiddle).


Festivals, Residencies, Jam Fest, Band Growth, Songwriting and more. The Guys go deep and share with us The Storytellers inspiring, fun and evolving journey.

The Storytellers’ strong musical chemistry allows them to bring soulful harmonies, delicate acoustic sensibilities, soaring grooves, tight rhythms, substantive storytelling, and their own bluegrassy magic to every stage they stand on.

 Genre: Jamgrass

  JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Saturday Sept 10th, 2022  2 - 3:30 PM

June Lake Frequency EG.jpg

June Lake Theater Fest Special

Eclectic Groove

Eclectic Groove: Cathy Hackett (Vocals), Dave Poon (Bass), Mike Wind (Drums), Sloan Tash (Guitar/Vocals), Melissa Robin (Vocals). EG brings a unique mix of genres from classics to current hits, as well as their own original songs.

A fun and insightful chat with 5 of the 6 members of EG. EG is coming to the Eastern Sierra to play at the June Lake Theater Fest July 22 and 23rd. Free Event.

 Genre:  Grateful Dead to Lady Gaga. Eclectic Groove leaves no genre unexplored.


 Episode will be posted to archive very soon. 

June Lake Frequency QB.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


Cubensis: Nate LaPointe (Guitarist/Vocalist), Brad Rhodus (Drums)

Reflections of the Legendary Guitarist of Cubensis, bandmate and friend, CRAIG MARSHALL. Fare thee well, Craig

Genre:  An Amazing, Evolving re-creation of the Grateful Dead.


 JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: Saturday Sept 10th, 2022  8 - 10 PM

June Lake Frequency Tracorum.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


Tracorum: Fletcher Nielsen; Songwriter Keyboardist and Vocalist.

 Great songwriting, strong vocals and timeless storytelling are the vehicle on which this powerful quartet is making their national ascent.

Insightful, inspiring and fun conversation about songwriting, lyrics and rhyming, naming guitars, arranging, new material and what's next...

Genre:  Blend of southern rock, soul, honky tonk, and roots americana, elements of funk, caribbean and gospel stomp to their unique feel good sound.


 JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: FRIDAY Sept 9th, 2022  4 - 5:30 PM

Ep 13 - ALex Jordan.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan: Talented Singer-Songwriter Multi-instrumentalist. From 2014 to the end of 2019, Alex toured regularly with Midnight North, adding the piano and Hammond B3 to his arsenal, playing with Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Peter Rowan, and many others. In the fall of 2017, he began working on his debut solo record "The Subtle Exhibitionist" which was released in May of 2020.

Alex shares his New and Exciting approach to Recording! Working with Producer Steve Berlin- A producer, arranger, session player, saxophonist and member of Los Lobos. Acoustic pre-release Radio Premiers and more! Insightful and inspiring! 

Genre: Singer Songwriter, Jam Band


JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SUNDAY Sept 11th, 2022  Noon - 1:30 PM

EP 12 - HSO.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Hempstring Orchestra

Hempstring Orchestra: George Bernardo Drums and Ted Tesoriero Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter. Southern CA Jam Band, Great chemistry and something to sing make up this band of established players and longtime friends. 

Recording, Writing, Jam Fest, Fun and Real Life... Featuring New and Unreleased studio recordings !! 

Genre: Original Jam band with Grateful Dead, Wilco, The Band, Neil Young, Phish influences


JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SATURDAY Sept 10th, 2022  10 - 11:30 AM

EP 11 - SF.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


Shaky Feelin': Jeff Hiller Bassist and Mark Masson, Guitarist, Vocalist and Songwriter. Emerging from Ventura County fertile music scene, this power house of a quintet is most noticeable for their eye-catching grooves and shredding guitar solos.

Radio play, Ice Cream, Creating bass parts, writing inspirations and the future... 


Genre: Jam band mixing the elements of high-energy rock, reggae, bluegrass and funk to create the most memorable live show you’ve yet to see. 

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SATURDAY Sept 10th, 2022  4 - 5:30 PM

Common Allies.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Common Allies

Common Allies: Brothers Conor and Ryan Ashe (Vocals, Guitar, Multi-instrumentalists and Songwriters) discovered the magical and rad ways of rock n roll music at the age of 12. Through the mystical spirals of their musical journey, they picked up a multitude of sonic influences.

Insightful, fun and inspiring conversation... 


Genre: Psychedelic rock, folk, blues and country rolled into one zesty little package. 

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SUNDAY Sept 11th, 2022  10-11:30 AM


June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


Kareeta: Chuck Harris Vocals/ Songwriter and Jon Siembieda Guitar/ Songwriter. How the Extra-Terrestrial, Stories of home and the backbone of Rock and Roll found a thriving civilization in Kareeta... 



Genre: Driving Rocking Roll. The music is an all-night drive pushing you deeper into the dial with broken characters and stories of red sky redemption silhouetting every ache. 

 JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SATURDAY Sept 10th, 2022  NOON - 1:30 PM

EP 8 - LG&C JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Lightning Dan & The Crawdads

LD & C: Mike Replogle ~ Bass Guitar and Vocals, Tanya Ellis ~ Vocals, Tom Eiland ~ Guitar and Vocals and Eric Raaen ~ Guitar and Vocals. Getting into some Great-full conversation with members of the SoCal jamband Lightning Dan & the Crawdads... Lightening, Jams and the Deadlightful inspiration about creating their own take on the Grateful Dead songbook.  

Genre: Grateful Dead Jams


JLJF After party Friday September 9 2022 at the T-Bar Social Club in June Lake CA.

This Episode

EP 7 - JFR AW.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Achilles Wheel

Achilles Wheel: Shelby Snow Bassist Vocals, Songwriter, Paul Kamm Guitar, Vocals Songwriter. Super fun and inspiring conversation with these talented, cool and interesting humans...

Genre: Roots Rock Storytelling combined with Dance hall Psychedelia.


JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: SUNDAY Sept 11th, 2022  4:00 - 5:30 PM

EP 6 - GS JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:


GrooveSession: Ronnie Sanchez bass/vocals, Alex Mello keys/vocals, Kyle Merrill guitar/vocals and Manny Sanchez drums/vocals unravel the multi-dimensional nature of the band that'll have you laughing, jamming and inspired... GS is always a good time!

Genre: Jam Rock, Funk, Jazz Fusion, and Reggae. 

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: FRIDAY Sept 9th, 2022 8:00 PM

Episode 5 - JFR UP.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series:

Universe Peoples 

Cool conversation with New So. Cal Jammers, UP. Nathan Reinert guitar, Paul Hiller Bass, Garrett Morris drums and Albert Margolis keyboards discuss the Creation of Universe Peoples, the Musical Evolution of the band and Insight into UPs future.


Genre: Jam Band

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: FRIDAY Sept 9th, 2022 2:00 PM


Episode 4 JFR - Jelly Bread.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series


Dave Berry Guitar/ Vocals and Cliff Porter Drums/ Vocals of Jelly Bread. Fun and insightful... A genuinely satisfying helping of Jelly Bread's musical story... 

 Genre: Soul, Rock, Funk, and Jazz... Rock-Americana. Desert twang and the urban tones of funk & rock, balanced by exceptional songwriting and storytelling.

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST: FRIDAY September 9, 2022 6:00 PM

JFR Ep 3 - Alligators.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022   

Artist Series


Pete Carona, Singer of The Alligators. A candid conversation about pre-performance rituals, respect for the music, the scene and band mates. The band member with mad skills for dining on the road, the jams, and more Alligator goodness...

Emerging out of the swamps of Southern California, The Alligators were formed to celebrate the 

music of Grateful Dead, "Pigpen" and Beyond! ... 

Simply put, The Alligators are here to party hard and Rock you! 

The bands repertoire consists of high-octane, whiskey-soaked versions of the often-neglected 

Pigpen songs that are the bedrock foundation of the Grateful Dead.

Genre: Grateful Dead "PIGPEN Style 


EP2 - Sanford STreet JFR.jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series

Sanford Street

Super fun and inspiring conversation with the full band: George Makrinos guitar/vocals, Erich “Hatch” Gann keyboard/vocals, Danny Rossman drums and Guy Silliman bass. 

Garage jams to Rolling Stone ?  Middle School pleasures to Sweet Day Gigs. Gratitude for the scene, the goal of the jam and how it all comes together... SANFORD STREET


Genre: Rock, Funk, and Jazz.   They will be making their debut at the  JLJF Kick Off Event, Thursday September 8, 2022 at the T-Bar Social Club in June Lake CA.

Episode 1 JFR - JanetHunt .jpg

June Lake Jam Fest 2022

Artist Series

Janet Hunt

June Lake Jam Fest "Visionary" Janet Hunt shares the music of some of the exciting new bands playing at this year's Jam Fest and Get to the show early incentives! Janet embellishes on the new direction and collaboration for putting the arts into schools and building memories. June Lake Jam Fest 2022 info and tix


nest fest for web.png
Ojai Nest Fest Mini Series


Keith Erickson: Spin Cycle Presents

Papa Neil: Comedian, Founder of Veterans Independence Foundation

Promoter, booking agent and master concert overseer, Keith Erickson shares the interesting road and insight to becoming the successful owner of Spin Cycle Presents... All things Ojai Nest Fest, the meaning and inspiration behind a great cause.

Papa Neil: Shares his passion for Veterans needs and using comedy as the vehicle to raise funds. 

Featuring: Great Bands and Comedians playing at the Ojai Nest Fest! Including Comedian Mike Marino, Music by Shaky Feelin', Rich Sheldon and Dan Ashley

FOGHAT web pic.png
Ojai Nest Fest Mini Series

* Roger Earl: The Legendary Drummer founder of the band FOGHAT! 

It's a Real Privilege to speak with the charismatic and legendary drummer Roger Earl.   

Learn how the classic FOGHAT songs like Slow Ride were created... Just awesome! Roger shares so much insight about navigating success in the music world for 50 years, that you might want to have a pen handy... :-) Great Stuff! 

finale for website.png
JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:




Settle in for this weeks stellar culmination of cool and eclectic Jam's from the Jam Freq Radio JLJF7 Artist Series... 

Featured Artists:


Kyle M.png
JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

Kyle Merrill - GrooveSession

Creative and Talented Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter with GrooveSession. It was a powerful day for Kyle and an honor to have been part of the experience. Hear the story and impact of "Tangerine".


 * 2 Radio World Premier Songs and the cool back stories, how the band works out arrangements, band chemistry and the evolution of a song.

His guitar soloing thought process and Kyle's fathers influence on his playing and... in leaving a "Legacy". 

Genre: Jam Rock, Funk, Jazz Fusion and Reggae

Paul Kamm2.png
JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

Paul Kamm - Achilles Wheel

The Super Talented Songwriter, Guitarist and Singer shares his songwriting process and shares interesting ways of summoning "the Muse"... 

 Achilles Wheel's 3 album release. Writing and collaborating with the band virtually.  Greece, Folk, June Lake Jam Fest and more...


Genre: Roots Rock story telling with dance hall psychedelia

Fletcher Nielson (1).png
JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

Fletcher Nielsen -Tracorum

The Creative Pianist, Singer and Songwriter shares his songwriting process and the unique way in which ideas flow. Fletcher explains what "Cosmic Gospel Thunder Funk" is and the magical reason for the bands name. Jazz, improvisation and more. An insightful conversation for sure.  

Genre: Southern rock, soul, honky tonk and roots americana.

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

Jon Siembieda: Hunter & The Dirty Jacks

Guitarist songwriter shares the bands Creative Process, Hunter & the Dirty Jacks New Studio Album and the wonderful experience of working with producer Neil Casal and More...

Genre: California Crafted Rock And Roll

JAM FREQ mark masson website.png

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

Mark Masson: Shaky Feelin'

Mark Masson Extraordinary Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter
Shares his creative process, Shaky Feelin's new studio album, shares 2 World Premier Songs, the magic of the June Lake Jam Fest, guitar tone, family and more.  

JUNE LAKE JAM FEST 7 Artist Series:

             JANET HUNT 

The "Visionary" of the June Lake Jam Fest 

shares her insight on putting on a Quality Music Festival for all for the right reasons... 


Jam Fest -"Family Reunion" September 10-12th 2021 FOR TICKETS 


Hustle Souls Daydream Motel album

Dynamic Singer, Keyboardist, Trumpeter Songwriter Billy Litz chats with us about Hustle Souls New Album Release "DAYDREAM MOTEL" Featuring 2 World Premier Songs! 

Genre: Synergistic Soul/Indie-Pop Band. Modern Meets Vintage Sound! 

Rarities Vol 1 album cover pic.jpg
Scott Tournet, Extraordinary Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Arranger chats with us about Elektric Voodoo's new album release!
Genre: World Beat Rock And Roll.  
Gratitude Episode 2 12.16.20 poster.jpg

 This Episode:

"Gratitude" Series Pt. 2. 

Joe Marcinek (Joe Marcinek Band)

Ricky Hopkins (multi-instrumentalist)

Kenneth Frost (The Cuckoos) 


Live in Seattle Album cover.jpg


 Avi Vanocur Extraordinary Singer Songwriter and Musician.


Genre: Crossroads of Folk, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll.

Gratitude Episode theme poster.jpg

This Episode:

"Gratitude" Series pt. 1.

Dave Loss (Aqueous)

Katie Knipp (Billboard Blues Chart Topper)

Kellen Coffis (The Coffis Brothers)


THIS IS NOW album cover 2.jpeg



We want to share your band's "frequency". 

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